Imagine a perfect day in the desert with beautiful weather. You’re surrounded by some close friends, camping and laughing. In the evening some bands will be playing, but you might skip it because you want to catch a breathwork workshop near the campgrounds. People around you are in pretty good spirits, and the sun is starting to fall, and it’s gorgeous outside. You spent an hour earlier in the day eating pizza, and doing Karaoke. It makes you think deeply why don’t we play outside anymore. Why don’t we do this more often?

WEIRD WEST is an opportunity to play outdoors with some friends. We want to interpret this in many different ways. It goes beyond a festival or a live music concert. We want to interpret this idea in many forms, and we want to build on all of our favorite experiences from festivals that we’ve experienced in our lives.

There is many opportunities for creativity along the way, but our priority is to create a safe space, and to respect and appreciate the land. A couple of days a year to look forward to where we can play outdoors, and be loud!